Friday, November 22, 2019

Trudy's Mult-Angled View of Money. Connect with this CASHercise(TM) Coach.

  • I grew up a Missionary Kid, and I know family finance from that perspective.
  • I served a Christian non-profit in an administrative capacity, and I know ministry finance from that perspective.
  • I have left a poor Third-World country to seek the American dream. I know the immigrant's struggle.
  • I served in corporate America and had to handle a multi-million dollar budget for the two departments I ran. I understand faithful and ethical financial management from that perspective.
  • I served as a church administrator, plus my father and brother are senior Pastors of both small and sizeable congregations, so I know church finances from an inside perspective.
  • I endured a divorce 25 years ago, and survived that financial ruin. So I know personal finances from that perspective.
  • I took care of my grandmother in her final years and administrated her affairs. I know family finances from a Caregiver's perspective.
  • I traded Forex and know the emotional roller coaster ride of that and the 'gambler's mindset'.
  • God buffered my family with abundance before the recession, so I enjoyed finances from a place of abundance perspective.
  • Our family then lost it all during the recession of 2006-2012, and a member of our family had to file for bankruptcy. So I know desperation from that perspective.
  • Then the Lord helped us climb out of that deep negative financial hole after the recession. I know restorative finance and trusting God through the storm perspective.
  • I have many years of serving the families in various churches as a financial literacy table leader and/or Budget Coach. So I have a general overview of family financial situations from that perspective.
  • I helped author a Florida state approved pre marriage course that included the mandatory segment on family finances. So, I understand divorce avoidance over money issues from that perspective.
  • I am building multiple profitable businesses and Coach other Christian entrepreneurs to do the same. So I understand Biblical Finance from a leadership perspective.
  • I hold multiple license and certifications in the financial services industry. So I understand the industry, its limitations and liabilities.
There are too many Christians in line for a handOUT and not enough of us able to offer a hand UP. This needs to change and I share with you what God showed me. Connect with me

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